Part III: Performing the Correct Tests Will Stop the Epidemic Of Thyroid Madness

functional medicine treeAs a naturopath, naturopathic practitioner, and functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Jenkins knows that cortisol levels can greatly effect thyroid function and health. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands when a person is experiencing stress. Increased levels of cortisol can block the conversion of the thyroid hormones T4 to T3, which will cause hypothyroidism. Decreased levels of cortisol can also cause hypothyroidism by closing the door to cell receptors of the thyroid hormones due to low levels of blood glucose levels (known as hypoglycemia). Too little or too much cortisol can cause hyperthyroidism. How many thyroids have been surgically removed or destroyed by radiation treatments because doctors failed to recognize the effects of cortisol on the thyroid gland? Dr. Jenkins recommends his patients to preform an Adrenal Stress Index Test in order assess how much cortisol the adrenal glands are producing and how it’s affecting the thyroid health and function. This test is preformed in the convenience and privacy of your own home by collecting 5 different time samples of saliva and then mailing the samples into the lab. Saliva samples are much more accurate then blood drawn cortisol samples.

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