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Functional Medicine Practitioners focus on diagnosing the root cause(s) of health problems and just doesn’t treat the symptoms like Conventional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a science based field of health care that looks to restore balance and function within the body through the application of lifestyle modification, specific professional natural supplementation, natural holistic therapies, and specialized laboratory tests and conventional laboratory tests.

Functional Medicine Tree




Functional MedicineConventional Medicine
Health OrientedDisease Oriented
Patient centeredDoctor Centered
Biochemical IndividualityEveryone is Treated the Same Way
Cost EffectiveExpensive
Looks at Underlying Causes of DiseaseDiagnosis Based on Symptoms
Preventative ApproachEarly Detection of Disease
High Touch/High TechHigh Tech


Restore to Health offers local, national, and international services. We can consult with you by phone or Skype. Receive test kits and products mailed directly to your home or office. Long distance consultations, test kits, and services available.

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