Part 2: Stop the Epidemic of Autoimmune Disease

functional medicine treeMost doctors can’t tell you what causes autoimmune disease. The so called experts will tell you they don’t really know what the cause is. All they will tell you is that the immune system has gone crazy and has begun to attack the body’s healthy cells which it was designed to protect. The immune system was designed to recognize foreign microbial/infections from viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas, fungus, and parasites; as well as destroy them. The immune system was designed to recognize your body’s own cells from foreign non-self-cells. The foreign non-self-cells are the infectious microbes. When the immune system begins attacking healthy cells the doctors prescribe medicines, which are deadly and toxic to the human body, in an attempt to suppress the immune system. This leaves the body’s immune system weakened and susceptible to cancer and other deadly infections.The doctors are treating the symptoms of a hyperactive immune system, but not treating the root cause of the hyperactive immune system. The immune system doesn’t just go crazy and become hyperactive. There has to be a trigger, root cause, for the immune system to become hyperactive. As a naturopath and functional medicine Doctor, Dr. Jenkins focuses on diagnosing and treating the root causes of autoimmune diseases with natural, safe, and non-toxic therapies.

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