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Individualized Focus Approach

Restore to Health offers an individualized focused approach. We recognize that there is no one else like you. You are a unique individual with specific personalized needs based on your personal life experiences and current state of health. We make it a priority to keep the patient’s goal(s) in mind. We honor and respect the fact that you are in charge of your healthcare choices. Our job is to present our findings and test results that reveal your current state of health, as well as provide options of different protocols in order to best restore your optimal health and vitality while eliminating your pain. After gathering an extensive health history, we can then determine which exams and specialized laboratory tests are needed to diagnose the root causes of your health concerns. Once we diagnose the root causes, we develop a personalized treatment plan that is unique and individualized to your specific needs. Dr. Jenkins spends quality time with each patient. Giving quality care takes time. Dr. Jenkins understands that we all have different healthcare needs and what worked for one person will not work for another. What worked for you at one point in your life may not work for you now. This explains the importance of an individualized focused approach.



Dr. Jenkins has over 50 years of experience to restore your optimal health and vitality while eliminating your pain. He has helped thousands of patients. In his own personal life, Dr. Jenkins has overcome major health problems. He personally knows what it takes to restore optimal health and vitality while being empathetic to your needs.



Dr. Jenkins has gained vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom from multiple disciplines. He is more than just a chiropractor. See the About Us page to view all of Dr. Jenkins training and education that sets him apart from others. He combines tried and true healing modalities, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge technology in order to provide the best and most comprehensive healthcare available today. Dr. Jenkins is currently writing several healthcare books.


Holistic Approach

Dr. Jenkins takes into consideration the state of health in the patients mind, body, and spirit. Modern conventional Western medicine is separated and compartmentalized into mechanistic medical specialties such as psychiatry, cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, and more. Their approach is to address each bodily system as an independent and separate entity. They fail to recognize that these systems are also interdependent upon each other. A dysfunction in one system will affect, to some degree, all the other bodily systems. A new branch in conventional Western medicine is emerging and is known as psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. Medical doctors who practice this type of medicine are rare. They have begun to recognize the interdependence, but their treatments still rely upon drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to treat the symptoms while not addressing the root causes.


Cutting Edge Technology

microcurrent acupunctureDr. Jenkins offers cutting edge technology, incorporating new, unique, and specialized laboratory tests/exams that most doctors are not familiar with. Dr. Jenkins specializes in finding answers and root causes to complex health problems. Many patients come to see Dr. Jenkins after having been passed from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic while receiving little to no help. Dr. Jenkins utilizes a functional medicine approach which incorporating the latest scientific biomedical discoveries, focusing on the underlying root causes of a patient’s health problems. Functional medicine discovers the patterns of bodily system dysfunctions that are the root causes underlying chronic diseases. This offers a science evidence based model of care that can use to prevent or reverse illness.



Dr. Jenkins offers affordable fees for all of his services. Most patients that have health insurance are limited by their insurance policy as to what it will cover, what it considers medically necessary, what fees it considers reasonable, and which providers the patients are able to see. Doctors in these plans, known as HMO’s and PPO’s, are limited in their treatment options. Their care for your health problems are dictated by the insurance company. Even the Affordable Care Act passed by President Obama has limitations on what the healthcare insurance companies will approve and pay for. These policies usually include very high deductibles and copay’s which are designed to dissuade people from seeking out healthcare. People who want quality healthcare from doctors have come to realize they can’t depend upon their insurance companies to provide the doctors and services that they want and need. These people are now stepping up and paying out of pocket for quality care from quality doctors in order to restore and maintain optimal health and vitality while eliminating pain.


Convenience & Flexibility

Restore to Health offers convenience and flexibility for those people who live a long distance from our office in Billings, Montana. Dr. Jenkins offers consultations by phone or Skype and can receive copies of medical records by email or regular mail. Laboratory test kits can be sent directly by mail to your home or office. All you have to do is return the test kits back to the lab in a pre-addressed and prepaid shipping package. When you pay the lab directly for your test, you save money. Most labs offer insurance billing for their tests. Dr. Jenkins can ship to your home or office any supplements or products he recommends. He also offers specials and discounts for certain supplements and products to help you save money. Dr. Jenkins accepts secured payments from Visa and MasterCard debit/credit cards for all services, products, and supplement needs.


Restore to Health offers local, national, and international services. We can consult with you by phone or Skype. Receive test kits and products mailed directly to your home or office. Long distance consultations, test kits, and services available.

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