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Dr. Jenkins offers comprehensive, affordable, 100% all-natural form of alternative/complimentary/ holistic medicine and remedies which employs a wide array of natural products and treatments including homeopathy, aromatherapy, chelation therapy, massage therapy, hormone therapy, hydrotherapy, vitamin and mineral therapy, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, mind/body connection, Functional Medicine, as well as diet and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Jenkins seeks to diagnose the root causes with unique and specialized tests and then sets up an all natural treatment protocol and monitors regularly with retesting for progress reports. Dr. Jenkins offers 100% natural and holistic approach with natural nontoxic and non-invasive treatments and avoids the use of toxic and dangerous drugs, irreversible and risky surgery,  dangerous and expensive injections, which is completely different from modern naturopathy practiced by Naturopathic Doctors, N.D., who are very medically oriented. Dr. Jenkins recognizes that the public is seeking an alternative to western allopathic medicine of drugs, injections, and surgeries offered by medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, and naturopathic doctors. Dr. Jenkins offers the finest Naturopathica products, services, and professional grade, high potency supplements to help restore optimal health and vitality.

Dr. Jenkins studied, trained, and adopted the theories, philosophies, and practice of natural holistic healing and medicine based on vitalism and self-healing. As a young boy, his uncle who lived on a farm in central Illinois would take him out into the fields and woods to collect herbs and mushrooms. Sassafras root made the most delicious tea and had many health and healing benefits. Sassafras was used to make the beverage root beer. Dr. Jenkins had the opportunities to wild craft herbs with herbalists in southern Illinois and Missouri and he had the opportunities to study holistic natural medicine under and be mentored by three amazing doctors: Dr. Don Odum, D.C. and Traditional Naturopath of Southern Illinois from 1981 to 2003 shared a wealth of information that was handed down to him by his father and grandfather who were Traditional Naturopaths and Chiropractors also; from 1993 to 2003 with Dr. Charley Cropley, N.D., who was the first naturopathic doctor to be licensed in Colorado and was one of the main instructors in the Health Coach Systems; and from 1993 to 2003 with internationally known Dr. Mark Percival, N.D., D.C., naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, author, educator, and founder of Health Coach Systems.  Dr. Percival and Dr. Jenkins attended seminars by the father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffery Bland. Dr. Bland worked with the world-famous Dr. Linus Pauling who won 2 Nobel Peace Prizes one of which included his research on vitamin C. Dr. Jenkins was a member of Health Coach Systems which was composed of doctors from every branch of health care from 1993 to 2003. Dr. Jenkins still uses the Health Coach systems and protocols with his current patients and practice.

Naturopathic practitioners in the United States are divided into three categories by the Federal Research Agency, National Institutes of Health (NIH): traditional naturopaths like Dr. Odum, naturopathic doctors like Dr. Cropley and Dr. Percival, and other health care providers that provide naturopathic services. Naturopathic Doctors, N.D.s, employ the principles of naturopathy within the context of conventional medical practices such as prescribing drugs, giving injections, and performing surgeries. Montana Naturopathic Doctors refuse to acknowledge the 3 different types of naturopathic practitioners and censors any health care provider from using the terms naturopathy, naturopathic, and naturopath. Dr. Jenkins is not a Naturopathic Doctor and is amazed how far modern naturopaths have strayed from the original definition of naturopathy presented to the U.S House of Representatives in 1931 which passed their vote and intentionally did not include the use of dangerous drugs, surgery, or injections.

Naturopathic doctors in the Billings, MT area offer intravenous IV Chelation therapy at $250.00 per session and the number of treatments may be up to 30 at an approximate cost of $7500.00. Dr. Jenkins offers 30 non IV chelation treatments for $170.00. Big savings and distinct difference between what Dr. Jenkins offers and what naturopathic doctors offer

Naturopathic doctors offer intravenous IV  Meyers Cocktail which is composed of B vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium at a cost of $200. Unfortunately, these vitamins are water soluble and are excreted very rapidly in the urine and most of the expensive procedure is wasted in the bathroom. Dr. Jenkins prescribes high potency vitamin and minerals that are taken throughout the day and better absorbed with little to no waste of money going down the toilet.

Naturopathic doctors prescribe bio identical hormones. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch Sept.2011 article states that there is no good evidence to support the claim that bioidentical hormones are safer than synthetic hormones. Although bioidentical hormones such as progesterone and estrogen have been approved, they haven’t been studied in large, long-term trials like the Women’s Health Initiative. They have been approved because they have been shown in trials to relieve menopausal symptoms and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but these bioidenticals must also carry the “black box” warning.  Most women and men aren’t told that bioidentical compounded hormones are not FDA approved and don’t come with the insert “black box” warning. The lack of warning doesn’t mean they’re safer, only that the compounding pharmacies aren’t required to detail potential risks. To date, hormones from compounding pharmacies haven’t been tested in clinical trials and until then the risks associated with them can’t be fully known. Therefore, there are potential risks of cancer, heart disease, and strokes.  The actress Susan Sommers was an advocate and user of bioidentical hormones and she died of breast cancer in 2023.  Dr. Jenkins uses all natural products to retore hormone balance for both men and women with no chance of cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

Naturopathic doctors provide prolotherapy where a small amount of dextrose sugar is injected into a joint which causes irritation to the tissue and supposedly jump starts the healing process. According to Spine Health, a peer reviewed research article, adverse effects from prolotherapy include and are not limited to lightheadedness, headache, collapsed lung, localized or full body allergic reaction, infection, nerve damage, spinal cord irritation or damage, spinal disc injury, damage to blood vessels, and blood clots. Dr. Jenkins uses all natural products and therapies to regenerate cartilage and eliminate pain with no dangerous side effects.

Some of the naturopathic doctors and naturopathic clinics in Billings were recommending covid 19 vaccines and boosters to their patients and mandating their doctors and staff to be vaccinated and boosted with the experimental gene therapy covid shots and boosters which evidence now reveals there are serious adverse effects from these shots including blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, infertility, auto immune diseases, weakened immune systems, neurological problems, and death. Dr. Jenkins caught covid 19 while on vacation and treated it with all natural products like vitamins, minerals, and herbs and fully recovered in two and a half days. Dr. Jenkins provides supplements to his patients who have been vaccinated or are suffering from long covid to eradicate the spike proteins and graphine nano particles which cause serious adverse side effects including death.

Naturopathic doctors have become very medically oriented with their prescription drugs, injections, and minor surgery. Dr. Jenkins distinguishes himself from naturopathic doctors by offering a totally 100% natural, functional medicine, alternative and holistic approach to optimal health, vitality, and healing.


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