Part 5: Stop the Epidemic of Autoimmune Disease

functional medicine treeThe GI tract starts at the mouth and end at our rectum. The GI tract houses 80% of the immune system, especially in the Peyer’s patches in the intestines. The health of the GI tract determines the health of the immune system. Stress and its byproducts of cortisol, adrenaline, and nor-adrenaline create massive amounts of inflammation and damage in our GI tracts. When the lining of the GI tract becomes inflamed it causes more holes and larger holes in the GI tract to form. Normally the GI tract lining has very tight junctions between the cells that create very small microscopic holes. These microscopic holes allows only microscopic nutrients to enter into the blood stream which are then transported throughout the entire body nourishing every cell.

When the GI tract lining is inflamed and damaged an abnormal amount of large undigested food particles, microbes, and toxins can enter and leak into the blood stream. This is known as leaky gut syndrome. When these abnormal food particles, toxins, and microbes enter into the blood stream the immune system cells recognize them as being foreign invaders and a threat to our health and an immune response is activated to rid the body of these invaders. Chemicals known as cytokines are released when the immune system attacks the foreign invaders which creates even more inflammation Leaky gut creates a chronic hyperactive immune system and is another major contributor to AD. This leaky gut syndrome has to be recognized and treated in order to effectively treat any autoimmune disease. Dr. Jenkins offers natural therapies to repair the leaky gut syndrome at the Restore To Health Naturopathic Clinic and Wellness Center.

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