Consumer Alert #1


Consumer Alert for all people who consume and feed their pets  vitamin C/ citric acid/ ascorbic acic and digestive enzymes which are consumed by themselves or in multivitamins, or added to human and pet foods. These nutrients could be harmful to you and your pets. The FDA has allowed companies to add these ingredients to our foods and vitamins and our pets foods and vitamins which have been derived from industrial produced apergillus niger also known as black mold. Their reasoning is the black mold is not harmful if you consume it but is only harmful if you breathe it. The FDA failed to recognize that industrial produced aspergillus niger also produces two deadly and toxic mycotoxins called fumonisin and ochratoxin. These mycotoxins are metabolic byproducts  produced by the black mold, aspergillus niger. They can not be killed because they are not alive and they can’t be destroyed by any means. These mycotoxins are potentially carcinogenic( cause cancer ), neurotoxic ( brain and nervous system damage/ Alzheimers, Parkinsons,  seizures,etc. ), immunosuppression and immunotoxicity ( ability to fight off cancer and infections is compromised ) and nephrotoxic ( renal/ kidney diseases ). Not all vitamin C and digestive enzymes are derived from aspergillus niger. You’ll need to check with the manufacturer and find out what sources were used to derive, extract, and produce their vitamin C and digestive enzymes. It may take some investigating and patience. Usually the person who answers the consumer questions with these companies will have no idea what your talking about. Be persistent until you get to the right person that has biochemistry, physiology, and pathology training. Most companies employ scientists and or doctors who can give you the correct answer your looking for. I have changed pet food for my dog and I have removed certain vitamins and digestive enzymes from my clinic shelves and replaced them with fungus and mycotoxin free products. Did you know that all grains and other foods while growing in the fields and being stored  have been contaminated/ infected with mold/ fungus/ yeast and their mycotoxin byproducts? Did you know that when you consume meat and dairy products from animals that have been fed these contaminated mycotoxin foods that you’re now digesting and absorbing those same mycotoxins? Did you know that grass fed beef and wild harvested meats such as deer, elk, etc. don’t contain mycotoxin like commercially raised animals?

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