Part 1 Preforming the Correct Tests Will Stop the Epidemic of Thyroid Madness

As a naturopath and naturopathic practitioner Dr. Jenkins specializes in thyroid problems. functional medicine tree

Most doctors only order a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test to evaluate the function and health of the thyroid gland. There is more to thyroid health and function than just determining TSH levels. It’s a starting point but it doesn’t give the doctor the full and complete picture of the thyroid’s health and function. Doctors rarely take into consideration a person’s iodine level, their cortisol levels, their estrogen levels, their specific nutrient levels, and their specific dietary food intake. All of these factors significantly influence the thyroid’s health and function. If you don’t take these factors into consideration, it doesn’t matter how much thyroid medication you’re prescribed you’ll still feel lousy and your health will continue to deteriorate. As a Functional Medicine Doctor I routinely assess these factors to assure that I’m just not treating symptoms but actually finding/diagnosing the root causes of poor thyroid health and function and then treating the root causes with natural therapies which restore health, vitality, and optimal function of the thyroid gland. The other tests that need to be preformed to evaluate thyroid health and function are: Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, TPO antibody test, and Thyroglobulin Ab.

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